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Quick Guide to the new ConnYak Bulletin Board

The old ConnYak bulletin board software (TetraBBS) has been unsupported for the last few years. As a result of our website server change the old bulletin board crashed. ConnYak has new bulletin board software, phpBB.

Key features of the new software include

  • The software is inexpensive and is fully supported
  • Only registered users can see posts
  • Registered users can edit and delete their posts

The downside is that there is a learning curve for the new system. This Guide Line will help users learn to use the new forums.

You may be able to register without help. You can go directly to the forum by clicking on the following link.
ConnYak Forum

A. Forum Overview

These 4 slides give an overview of the forum.

Forum Opening Page

This is what a user will see when starting the forum software.

This page allows a registered user to LOGIN to their account or a new user to REGISTER.

When a registered user signs in to the forum and clicks the box "Remember me" then the next time the user signs in on their computer/device the php software will recognnize them.(assuming the user does not delete cookies.)

Forum Index

This is the home page (Forum Index) of the forum. Users can not create new forums.

Three of the Forums are intended to have only multiple Topics. A single post with no Reply.

These Forums are Pick Up Paddles ,Classified Ads , and Commercial Ads . Users who post on these three Forums should include an email address or other method for members to contact them directly rather than post a reply.

The Bulletin Board can have Topics and users can post a Reply. This Forum is a place where users can have discussions on topics far and wide.

Board View

This is the second level of the forums. This page is the "Pick Up Paddle" Forum. This view shows that there are 6 current Topics on the board. Users can add new topics to this board and post a reply to topics on the board.

Topics View

This page shows the current Topics on the "Pick Up Paddle" board. Users can post a reply to current Topics or add new Topics to the board.

B. How to Register

On the Forum Opening Page click on "Register". You will be directed to the the terms of use. Read the terms and then click on "Agree" or "Disagree". If you click "Disagree" you will return to the Forum Openinig Page. If you click on "Agree" you will see the registration form.

phpBB and ConnYak Terms of Use

Registration Form

Fill in your information. Please use your real name or a short name.

Acknowlegement of Registration

Clicking on "Return to the index page" will bring you back to the Forum Index. Your user name will appear in the upper right corner.

First View of the Forum

Clicking on "Forum Index" will bring the user back to this screen. Whenever a user logs onto the Forum this is the page that will be displayed. There will be tell tales, such as red circles on a board, that tell the user there are new posts that the user has not viewd.

C. How to Post

An example of a simple post would be posting a pick up paddle. Starting at the Pick Up Paddles forum click on New Topic button.

Type your message, Preview your post, make corrections if needed, then click "Submit".

You can alway go back later and edit your post. If no one posts a reply to your post then you can delete your post. (See next section for how to delete a post.)

D. Deleting a Post

Find you post on the forum.

Click on the "Delete Post" button.

Fill out the Delete Post form and click Yes.

You will see an acknowlegement that your post was deleted and the software will bring you back to the Forum. Your message will no longer be on the Forum.

E. Formatting Codes

You can dress up your posts and do things like include an image or a hyperlink by using formating codes.

When you "Preview" your post you see two panes, the upper pane is how the post will actualy look. The lower pane shows the details of the codes.

You can play with the codes and see how what you type actually looks like if posted. Thia is the best way to learn how to use the codes.

If you have any issues with the software send a message using the "Contact us" button and an administrator will get back to you.