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Sea Sherpa End Of Season Events

As the end of the warm weather season fast approaches and state restrictions change faster than I can post and hold an event, staying responsive seems to be the only way to assure that safety comes first. With that in mind, this evite is targeting paddlers that come from places that do not require quarantine to join in.

Fall is a fantastic time to be on the water. Less power boats, more storm swell from exotic and distant locals.

The following are events that still have open slots. Check out gory details by veiwing the calendar at Sea Sherpa Kayak Dot Com:

THE NICK & GERRY SHOW: September 19 - 21 Fishers Island Sound/Coastal Rhode Island
Lame name – good event. Though we couldn’t hold the Schoodic Retreat this year, Nick and Gerry still really want to share the love. Held in their native waters and featuring local rock gardening, shore surf and renowned tide races. We’ll chase down whatever offers the best conditions. Options to do 1, 2 or all 3 days.

Pick Your Poison: October 3-4 Fishers Island Sound/Coastal Rhode Island
This is an “upskilling” event which is fancy speak for your opportunity to push the envelope a bit and extend your skillset. Itinerary free so the focus is on individual participants working on what they want (given the conditions) and getting some of what the need.

Privates/Semi Privates: Anytime Fishers Island Sound/Coastal Rhode Island
These have been really rocking this season. Seem to fit folk’s newly funky availabilities. 110% catered to you and/or your small group. Tidal planning, personal skills, leadership, navigation, conditions forecasting, strokes in conditions, active water efficiency, etc… 20% discount off posted rates quickly adds up (3 paddlers or more) to less $ than scheduled event costs.

Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions. Stay safe and sane.

Gerry P
Sea Sherpa Kayak LLC
Gerry At Sea Sherpa Kayak Dot Com

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