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Waveology: BC Offerings 2020

Dear paddling friends,

We have been actively working and coaching on the water since mid May, sorting out how we can proceed effectivly and safely during these Covid 19 times.
We have been seeing more and more sea paddlers getting on the water this summer, so let's get you trained up.

Our calender of courses has been in a constant flux since this season started, bobbing and weaving but able to deliver great programs. From Kayak Waveology's well known performance course to British Canoeing courses. So always keep tabs on our events calendar at: https://kayakwaveology.com/events/
If you haven't been to our web site in a while you might find a new format. It's kind of cool: www.kayakwaveology.com

British Canoeing has recently opened us up to start running their products as we have moved into the later or lighter Covid 19 phases.

So here is where you can find what we have coming up for August (and later months):

Certainly a lot more to come.
Don't forget the Autumn Gales www.autumngales.com !!!!
That event is still on target to run. Perhaps a modified format with well known rough water minded local coaches. Both BC and ACA types.

So keep a mindful eye on our events calendar and feel free to reach out with questions and request to run what you would like us to run.
We get tight knit groups coming to us often to build bespoke programing. Maybe you have a group and we can do that too.

Safe paddling.

Greg Paquin
Kayak Waveology, LLC.

BC Performance Advanced Water Coach
Performance, Safety, Leadership, and Guide Module Provider.
BC International Guide

Email: coach@kayakwaveology.com
Tel : 860-304-4000

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