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Sea Sherpa Kayak Local Events

Sea Sherpa Kayak is doing the staged re-opening thing. Our Stage 1 focuses on local events held along the Fishers Island Sound to Narragansett Bay areas. The current world-order has some benefits for us paddlers; namely less boat and road traffic than would be status quo for this time of year which makes for easy access to more launches and venues. To respect social distancing protocols, we are currently limiting events to five paddlers or less, have worked out a specialized rescue technique, are carrying spare masks and sanitizer and, sadly, for the time being, no hugs from Gerry.

Regularly Scheduled Programming: We were able to tweak and salvage most of our local June events. July, which was top heavy in travel trips, had to be a bit gutted. We're working on new events for then and will post as they fall into place. For the late summer and fall we have to see what the rules and regs are then but, are planning on keeping the calendar as is, with some new additions situationally dependent.

Privates & Semi-Privates: The new world order seems to lend itself nicely to these. Privates are for groups from 1-5 paddlers that self-populate while semi privates are for individuals looking to join in on with a group put together with our help. Both are fully customizable and geared towards the individual wants and needs of the group members. Stroke work, tide race play, surf, rock gardening, incident management (within distancing protocols), navigation, leadership, expeditionary skills, tidal planning, etc... are all up for grabs. For the 2020 season, these events that fall on a weekend are discounted 10% - if on weekdays, discount is 15%.

Check out the gory details at www.SeaSherpaKayak.com.
Hope you all have a safe and sane summer.
Gerry Polinsky

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