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Winter Pool Sessions. Waveology

Proposed dates for the Winter 2019/2020 Kayak Rolling Pool Sessions. All times are on Sunday afternoon from 2 PM -4 PM.

• December 8, 2019
• January 5, 2020
• February 9,2020
• March 29, 2020
• April 12, 2020

In our professional commercial pool sessions we do provide coaching for those looking to learn more.

Pool sessions are great for keeping up your Flexibility for those rolling skills and bracing skills during the long winter months, plus always good to stay in touch with your friends in the paddling community. The rate for just pool and practice time is $25.00/pp.

If you’re looking for a 2 hr. rolling coaching session, we can work on the following within safe limits, getting your roll down, learning different types of rolling, rescue techniques solo and assisted, along with bracing techniques to prevent a capsize. All stationary skills we can focus on without moving around a lot and using up pool space so other sea kayakers can work on their winter goals. This option will be offered at a rate of $100.00/pp and includes the pool fee.

If you are interested in a personal coach working with you please try and book in advance, so we can reserve your spot. Give a shout by phone 860-304-4000 or you can email us at coach@kayakwaveology.com

Greg Paquin

Kayak Waveology, LLC.

British Canoeing Performance Coach
International British Canoeing Guide
SKUK/NDK and Celtic Paddle Dealer
NDK Expedition Center
Tel: 860-304-4000
Web: www.kayakwaveology.com

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