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Early Season Tide Race Training

Looks like spring temps will start to make headway into the North East, and this will start an early ocean waters warming process, leaving mid May with some comfortable water temps to get started tide race performance training.

The long weekend of training will allow us to move around to different venues that have races and over falls and will have a progressive flow for the 3 days.
One can do single or double days, but the most gained will be over a 3 day progression. This allows for early season physical conditioning to start to take hold. Technical and Tactical decision making processes will be coached to help you to become a better performer. Technical and Tactical can be viewed from a personal performance and navigation perspectives. With warming waters coming early hopefully this will ease some cold water physiological concerns.
We always strive for a friendly and supportive training atmosphere in all of our courses.

Please feel free to call or send an email. coach@kayakwaveology.com if you have questions.

For registrations please use this link: https://www.kayakwaveology.com/event/early-season-tide-race-training-series/

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