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Spring Open Water Training (PPP3)(4/27-29)

Polar Paddle Practicum (PPP3) 4/27-4/29 2018
Kick start your active water paddle play season.

Join John Carmody (Sea Cliff Kayakers) and Gerry Polinsky (Sea Sherpa Kayak)

This course is geared towards any paddler from advanced beginner to advanced intermediate looking to refine their open water skills. We get a jump on the season as fall through spring is the best and most dependable season for active water. Classroom time and housing will be staged out of a camp located on the Ct/RI border. New this year, we will be staying in micro cabins that fit either two or four paddlers. Beds with sheets, bathrooms, kitchens, heat and a centralized location makes for very civilized pre and post paddle living. Paddle play itself will follow where conditions are best. Rock gardening, shore surf and tiderips are the featured possibilities.

There will be no predetermined curriculum as this intimate event is focused on individual paddlers’ wants and needs. Paddlers will be working primarily with others of similar experience. The overall goal is to help you grow your capacity and comfort in rough water situations. As this area offers interesting and complex conditions, participants will have opportunities to take an active role in determining the daily paddle plans and grow their conditions forecasting tool-box.

Costs are:
- Campers in cabins of 4 $625
- Campers in cabins of 2 $675
- Day Players – all 3 days $500
- Single Day Players $200/day
Note: cabins are available starting Thursday afternoon, 4/26.

Contact Gerry At Sea Sherpa Kayak Dot Com to book or with any questions

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