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2017/2018 Winter Pool Session dates

Hello paddling folks,

Dates for this years winter kayak rolling skills pool sessions. All times are Sunday's from 2PM - 4PM.

Location: The traditional location of the Haddam Killingworth HS Pool.

1. December 10, 2017.
2. January 28, 2018
3. February 11, 2018
4. March 25, 2018
5. April 8, 2018

Other traditions follow after pool sessions to talk about expeditions and things.

Cost: $25.00 a head for those who just want to practice on their own. Private lessons are $100.00/pp for two hours and includes the pool fee.

If you are interested in a personal coach working with you, please try and book in advance, so we can reserve your spot.

Give a shout by phone 860-304-4000 or you can email us at coach@kayakwaveology.com

Winter's coming!!!!

Greg Paquin
BC Coach
Kayak Waveology

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