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CT Coastal Retreat for New Paddlers (9/29-10/1)

Prime Paddlesports' first Connecticut Coastal Retreat of the fall 2017 season is designed for paddlers who want to begin to find thier way, and thier comfort, in more challenging conditions. We welcome paddlers who have never been in rough water be it surf, current or rocks. Our supportive instructional style will help participants to develop practical skills and comfort in mild to moderate conditions. Participants will be safely challenged to stretch their boundaries, however we keep our on-water learning fun! We will explore the beautiful eastern coast of Connecticut on Fishers Island Sound. In addition, our Saturday Night table top sessions help individuals to develop awareness and understanding as it pertains to environmental considerations that impact paddlers and how that plays into our site selection as paddlers beginning to seek more dynamic water.

Price Per Person is $375 per person, which includes two days of Professional Instruction and two nights of lodging in the Groton House.

Day Participants are welcome to join at $150 per day.

Participants are responsible for providing thier own equipment , meals and transportation. (Saturday Night dinner will be a communal effort where all participants pitch in).

Rental Equipment is availabe at $40 per day
Performance Rental Equipment is availabe at- $60 per day

For more information, or to register, please message us, email us at info@primepaddlesports.com or call us at 646-417-4510.

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