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ACA L3 IDW 9/15-17

Prime Paddlesports will be offering an American Canoe Asoociation Level 3 Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) over the dats of September 15-17, based out of the Stonington, CT Area.

This program is for paddlers that want to lead or teach the sport of sea kayaking, it is also appropriate for individual paddlers who would like a comprehensive review of personal skills needed to perform in the coastal kayak environment. The three day IDW is dessined to help prospective Instructors review and cement personal skills. A largre portion of the three day weekend will be spent on lesson planning, teaching and learning styles. The IDW is the firsrt part of the process towards becoming and instructor, after completing the IDW, instructor candidates will be given meaning full feeback and areas that need development can be worked on before the Instructor Certification Exam.

Interested participanrs should review the a ACA L3 Instrucor Sylabus, to become familiar with skills, strokes and rescues required:


The program will be led by Matt Kane, of Prime Paddlesports and Peter Casson of Boarting in Boston.

All participnats must be current membes of the ACA, prior ot the course in order to participante. Participants will be required to submit First Aid and CPR Certificates if they intend to become an instructor, thic can be done at a later date.

A prequisite to this course is the the ACA L3 Personal Skills, contact us if you need help arranging this.

Price Per Person is $375
If you register and pay for both the IDW and the ICE at the same time, you can save $100, this offer is valid through August 1st.

Contact info@primepaddlesports.com with any questions or to register.

Overnight accommodatios are available in the immediate area, including cmpgrpounds and hotels.
Participants are responsible for providing thier own equipment, lodging, meals.
Rental Equipment (Boat Paddle, PFD & Skirt) can be provided at $40 per day or Performance Equiment can be madeavailabe at $60 per day.

The ACA L3 Instructor Certification Exam, will be held over the dates of October 13-15, also based out of the Stonington, CT area.

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