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Selling my 21 foot baidarka kayak

Can't use it anymore so it's time to pass it on.
21' long x 26" beam double wood kayak that I built in 2002. The design is from Shearwater boats. The boat can be seen on their website. That picture was taken of me and my wife launch day. She is tape/seam construction using 3 and 4 mm occume plywood. The built-in rudder is controlled by the rear paddler. She weighs about 64 pounds. The hull is glassed inside and out with 4 oz. cloth and West System epoxy and is varnished. We have used her mostly in Norwalk and have also taken her to the Vineyard and Mystic. She is stored in my garage.
She is a wonderful boat to paddle. Asking $1500. Can be seen and/or paddled in Norwalk.
Contact: scullingpre at gmail dot com

Riot Mako (Pedal Drive) Fishing Kayak

Riot Mako 12 Pedal Drive fishing kayak for sale. I purchased this kayak new in the spring of 2019. It has been used only five times and is in excellent condition. $1,200. Pictures available upon request. Contact: dkalafa at aol dot com

Dagger KAOS 10.2 (Surf Kayak)

Dagger KAOS 10.2 surf kayak for sale. This kayak has had very light use and is in excellent condition. There are videos of this model in action on you tube. _rice is $450. Pictures available on request. Contact: dkalafa at aol dot com

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