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Rawson Tangent 16.10

Handcrafted fiberglass/composite kayak.
Pristine condition/new. 16' 10" yet it weighs only 40 lbs!
Made by Rawson Boats this beauty is fast, glides and tracks like a champ!
Features:Oversized rudder giving better control and tracking.
Oversized hatches with double watertight protection- Neoprene liners under rubber hatch covers - very ingenious and completely dry!
Cleats for tying down.
Comfortable seat bottom with a higher back pad than normal giving better support.
Superior foot pedal set up for rudder control.
If you bought this new it would cost $1,750
Purchased in 2018. Includes paddle
Video of product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvbEry7inWc
Consumer reviews: https://paddling.com/reviews/product/rawson-boat-inc-tangent-16-10-kayak/
Local Pickup only // CASH SALE ONLY
E mail me for photos: derano at msn dot com

Ocean Kayak Big Game II Kayak

Ocean kayak big game prowler II for sale. Very good condition.
Can provide more pictures and information upon contact: sullivan2989 at gmail dot com

Can be car topped by one person, only need ratchet straps to secure to roof rack.
Can meet between Darien and New Haven
Will include paddle holder and fishing rod holder.
Single Layer Polyethylene
12' 9" X 34 in., 70 lb.


Perception Shadow

I have a beautiful red Perception Shadow composite kayak for sale at 16 1/2 ft long with a beam of 22" and weighing 34 lbs. Almost half the weight of a plastic or rotomoulded kayak of the same length and therefore much easier to load and unload, faster, stiffer and much easier to paddle on the water ‘cause it’s lighter!

This boat comes with Smart track adjustable foot rests/rudder controls, anodized aluminum rudder, large sealed hatches with waterproof bulkheads for emergency buoyancy and long distance storage.

I am asking $1450 (new they were close to $3000) and comes with walking dolly, cockpit cover, paddle and other bits and pieces.

This boat has been very well taken car of and stored on a rack off the ground and out of the sun. I bought this 2002 model boat directly from the Perception factory.

Happy to send you a few good pics of the boat. Send me an email: onne at vanderwal dot com

Romany LV

Does anyone have a Romany LV that I can sit in for size? Can you tell me if you think if it will fit me? I'm 5'4" and 125 lbs, 37" hips. I've tried the Romany Classic and it fits fine with more than enough room.
Contact: Anderson sells at msn dot com
I'm in Northern NJ but willing to drive quite a distance.

Wanted: Eddyline Samba

I am looking for a used Eddyline Samba or a comparable 14’ lightweight kayak.

Valley Rush V1 Surf Kayak *PIC*

Has 3 fins. Ideal for paddler 175lb or less. $500 With Werner Sidekick 77" (196cm) one piece 45 degree right hand feather whitewater paddle. Contact: david dot grainger at sbcGlobal dot net
more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/36472552@N06/albums/72157691916647300/

Guillemot Yukon

Yukon 18' x 21" wide, fast sea kayak. I am an experienced builder and built this Guillemot designed kayak in 2013. It is cedar strip with West System epoxy w/ 6 oz. glass in and out. Foot peddle rudder system, one rear hatch , one front hatch, two bulkheads. It weights about 36 lbs. very light and fast. Rounded cross section , surf ski like bow, surfs and accelerates well. I'll miss this but have another fast kayak and need money for an outboard for my sailboat. I am 6-2 and 210 lbs. It fits me well but is tight in cold weather with a dry suit. It is a great summer workout kayak. Inseam over 34" may be tight. Plenty of time to get ready for the Blackburn. 2200.$ Demo in Portsmouth or Milton NH -- please contact for pictures and info: psyl at metrocast dot net

Impex Assateague

2006 Impex Assateague. Fiberglass. Excellent Condition.
Always stored indoors in heated basement.
Included: Seals spray skirt, Seals cover, light weight spray skirt, Werner paddle, Aqua Bound paddle, pump and float, roof tie-down lines, kayak dolly, roof rack, new Sea-Lect hatch covers.
$2200 for total package.
Will forward pictures.

Guilford, CT
203-458-2334 (H) 917-941-8072(M)

Eddyline Journey Carbonlite 2000

Used about 10 times on Long Island sound and now in storage for last 4 years. 15 feet long and 49 lbs. Like new. New cost $2499. Will sell for $1500. Located in Westport CT. Can send recent photos if interested. contact Shaneberry02 at gmail dot com

Epic V8 surfski

Epic V8, 2 seasons old. Excellent condition. 18ft long x 21.25 wide. Much faster than almost any sea kayak, with great stability. Underhull rudder with a weed guard. Contact: nyfan766 at gmail dot com

SUP Stuff

Prices are what I think they're worth, but everything is best offer. Located in New London, CT
Bark Dominator 14' - $500 with racing fin - Green wood grain finish with some bubbles and a few dings, Pro Elite construction
Bark Competitor 12' 6" - $600 with FCS padded board cover - Tiger stripe yellow with a few repaired dings, Tuff Lite construction
Zaveral paddle with 'choke stroke' sprint index $250 (index is glued to shaft with 3M Super 90 contact adhesive - can be removed, but you should try it!)
Starboard paddle $200
Riviera paddle $150
Contact: david dot grainger at sbcglobal dot net

NDK Poseidon (Romany Surf) $1500

16'2" by 22" Fiberglass NDK Poseidon (Romany Surf) Excellent Condition: No leaks, secure bulkheads, bungees replaced this year, keel strip includes Werner paddle. White deck and hull with black seam ) Photos available on Hudson Valley Craigslist. Located near Kingston, NY. Cash only. Email: DDintruff@yahoo.com; txt/call: 845-417-8292

North Shore Polar

Asking $2200. This is a terrific boat in excellent shape. Well cared for. It is very well behaved, especially in following seas and surf where many kayaks want to broach or yaw. This is one of the few kayaks I have owned where the cockpit is equally comfortable for me (5'4") or my 5'10" husband. It is my favorite kayak for camping, as it swallows up gear, although you do not feel like you are paddling a big kayak due to the great cockpit design. These are very popular kayaks in other countries. I am not sure why Valley/North Shore never marketed it here. I've only seen a few around. It's a great kayak.
Below is an excerpted a review from paddling.com.
Contact: Janewcobb at gmail dot com

"The Polar has very good initial stability and secondary stability that just did not seem to end. Boy can one really heel this boat over! Fully committed sculling for support was easily. Even with my long unused rolling skills this boat almost rolled itself. The Polar has a low back deck, so lay-backs were a non-issue. The Polar's hull is an interesting design and is better seen in-person than having me try to describe it. It is unique in the boats I have paddled, but it works quite well. The Polar does not have a lot of deck overhang in either the bow or stern as found on most British-style sea kayaks. The bow is not plumb, but neither is it needle-nosed. This helps reduces its windage (susceptibility to wind) and it also increases the Polar's wetted waterline. This makes the Polar as efficient to paddle as many boats that have a longer overall length. The Polar also had a surprising amount of cargo capacity even though it has the look-and-feel of a 'low' volume kayak.

You may not have heard of them. However, North Shore has been around since 1982. The Polar's maneuverability, efficiency (speed) and low windage are a real nice blend of characteristics. This is one fine sea kayak."

Thule Rack and Kayak Clothing

Thule Glide and Set Kayak Rack, very good condition. Complete with Thule bases, quick release straps, and ratcheting tie-down ropes. $100
NRS Paddle Wet Shoe, men's size 10, black. New in box. Never worn. $50
NRS Kayaking Wet Pants, men's size large, black, worn once. $30
NRS Hydroskin G3 Pants and Shirt, both men's size marge. Shirt worn once or twice; pants brand new with tags on. Both $60
NRS 22 liter Tuff Sack, blue, new in sleeve. $20
Seattle Sports Dual-Chamber Paddle Float with safety tether, new in original package. $25
Seals Coastal Tour Spray Skirt Size 2.2, like-new. $25
I have other accessories I can throw in such as safety light, paddle tether, etc.

Prijon Kodiak

Prijon Kodiak sea kayak bought new but lightly used, 17 ft, always kept properly stored upside down under roof, includes Seals 1.7 cockpit seal and Wildwasser balanced wing rudder, comfortable trihedral hull fast but stable both loaded and unloaded. Lots of gear storage with double hatch covers. Small deck-box immediately in front of cockpit. Famous German strong pressure molded (not roto-molded) construction. Owner 70 and not as active as anticipated. Centrally located in CT, can be demoed on site. $1399 cash. Contact: tbillard at hotmail dot com

Valley Gemini RM *PIC*

2015 Valley Gemini in New Condition (red)

Only in the water a few times, very light for a poly boat.

Tracks well, and is a very nimble play boat in surf.

$1,500 or Best Offer

Contact: kayakerjnj at gmail dot com

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