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Verlen Kruger - a little paddling history

These are impressive...

: Glenn Charles (paddling over 4000.00 miles in no other than a NDK,
: Alaska and now up the east Coast)

: Jake Stachovak( Paddling from Wisconson to Wisconson, very cool
: route, approaching 4000.00 mile mark as well)


Verlen Kruger began paddling at age 41 and became obsessed. His longest trip, 28,043 miles, was essentially a figure 8 around and across North America, including paddling up the Grand Canyon. His second longest trip (18,232 miles) was a circumnavigation of North and South America. Total lifetime paddling miles generally thought to be over 100,000. Fortunately, his house was river-front in Indiana, so packing was easy and he didn't have to leave his car at the launch ramp.


Something to dream about.

doug m

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Verlen Kruger - a little paddling history

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