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Expidition News , Meet Up At This Years RWS

This year at the Rough Water Symposium in RI we all had a very cool treat to meet two sea kayaking expiditioners that finally crossed paths at our event. We beleive this years RWS had a different and very positive feel to it all. Maybe it's because we had some conidtions and maybe it's from all the expiditioning folk that were around enjoying themselves. We are very supportive of these two guys and want to share there web sites so more can support there journy's.

Glenn Charles (paddling over 4000.00 miles in no other than a NDK, Alaska and now up the east Coast)

Jake Stachovak( Paddling from Wisconson to Wisconson, very cool route, approaching 4000.00 mile mark as well)

Greg P
Kayak waveology, LLC.

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Expidition News , Meet Up At This Years RWS
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