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Nav rules "homework"

If you want to read up on the Navigation Rules, here is the Coast Guard Nav Rules home page: http://www.navcen.uscg.gov/mwv/navrules/navrules.htm

Then click on this section on that page: Navigation Rules Online - View COMDTINST M16672.2D online.

This year there is also a course, 4 hours, 5 chapters, which Auxiliarists are authorized to teach. It's called "Paddlesports America", and there is an overview Power Point presentation anyone can look at on this webpage: http://www.cgauxed.org/paddle.htm. The textbook (which costs a few $) is not online. I've looked at the textbook, as have many other Auxiliarists, and i have some issues with it, but I guess they had to start somewhere, and having a national approved course for the Auxiliary - finally! - is a beginning.

And the American Canoe Association (ACA) has great stuff on their website also, take a look:
On their home page, click on "Learn to Paddle" on the left sidebar.
Then look at the left sidebar again, and click on "Top Five Safety Tips".
Then click on "Rules of the Road", either on the left sidebar under "Safety and Rescue" or in the middle of the page, for a very short summary.
Another good place for free info on the ACA site is "Additional Resources", which is at the bottom of the left sidebar.

What I'm trying to show is that both the ACA and the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary are in general agreement about the nav rules as they apply to paddlers. It's important to know who has credible information. I think Boated (www.boat-ed.com, who published the Paddlesports America textbook, they are the authors, not the CG or the CG Aux), athough they correctly portray the legal aspects for paddlecraft, would have benefitted from a partnership with the ACA on other aspects of paddling regarding the Paddlesports America textbook. Boat Ed publishes many of the textbooks used by states in their "regular" boating classes people take so they can be "certified" to operate a powerboat, jet-ski, or large sailboat.


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