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Navigation Rules training

Funny Oliver,
That statement is what caught my attention also. I would be happy to pull the Nav. Rules section out of my kayak safety course, and teach it (for free) if there is some interest. I have access (again free) to a centrally located training facility also. The lack of knowledge regarding these rules is how we acquired our SPEEDBUMP nickname by the professionals.
Timothy Mulherin

: Thanks Jean.
: The above statement in the press report caught my attention. It's
: only going to take one mishap involving any vessel generally
: considered a kayak, operated by someone ignorant of or willfully
: ignoring basic navigation and safety rules, to bring a whole lot
: of regulatory and legislative headaches for the entire paddling
: community.
: We already do a lot to teach safety and rescue techniques. The more
: we can do as a club to promote general understanding of and
: adherence to navigational rules, the better.

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