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Re: East Beach Surfing ??
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: Hi
: I was curious about the "surf" at East Beach, Watch Hill
: RI. paid a visit there Sunday and saw several surfers....it
: looked good from a distance! Is it a good spot for surfing
: longboats? Is there a boat launch or put in spot nearby?
: Any info would be appreciated
: Cheers!

I would recomend against surfing a long boat at East Beach. When there is good swell the wave is essentially a fast steep beach break that breaks in very shallow water and in most cases will close out. If board surfers are present your running a big risk of injuring someone with your long boat. That being said I have surfed my long boat there with nobody else out except a few paddling friends. If you want to surf a long boat you would be better off at the tidal races , Napatree, Narrow River where you do not have the crowds (board surfers, swimmers etc.) Remember it is not a good idea to surf a long boat at popular breaks unless the place is void of other surfers. Long boats do not have the manuverability to negotiate a really crowded lineup and in many cases will broach. I don't know your skill level in surf so I might suggest hooking up with someone who is willing to show you the ropes.


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