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Update on Carl Linley's Quinn. River inquiry

Today I took a hike of a couple of miles up the Quinnipiac River bank in Northern North Haven. Just occupying time while the rear window glass in my Rav4 was being replaced. Don't ask, it's a sad story of a lawn mower being poorly restrained in the back of the vehicle. Thankfully I had a glass replacement rider on my insurance or I would be singing the $600 Blues.

The river is blocked in numerous places with fallen trees with many more leaning over the river awaiting their turn. It would take a substantial crew with chain saws and some come-a-longs a few days to clear it and they would have to repeat this work every year. Could be a nice flatwater paddle with mild current but I don't see this river clearing work being done anytime soon. As I posted, the QRWA did clear it for their race decades ago for a few years. The race has been held upriver since.

There were wildflowers everywhere and the poison ivy was just poking up it's ugly head but not yet fully out. Followed quad tracks, deer tracks and at times made my own. Enjoyable hike most of the way, some fighting through vines and plenty of evidence of the recent high water.

There are a number of closed businesses backing up to the river. More are closed in the industrial parks between Washington Ave and the river and many more showing large parking lots with just a couple of vehicles in them. I don't like politics entering this board so I'll curtail my many thoughts on this observation.


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