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cold water safety info

Those who missed Mark Chanski's presentation "Cold Water Boot Camp" last year at his ConnYak presentation can hear him in a one hour presentation at the Collinsville Canoe and Kayak demo weekend. April 24 2:30-3:30

Mark was a "in the cold water" participant in the USA version of the "Cold Water Boot Camp" DVD, so not only will you hear very valuable and potentially lifesaving information, you will hear it "from the horse's mouth" and have a chance to ask follow up questions. Most highly recommended!

If you can't attend this presentation, you could contact Mark at CT DEP (Marine Div-Old Saybrook) as he has made other presentations and may have some planned in the future. You can also take out the DVD "Cold Water Boot Camp" from the ConnYak Library, as there are at least a couple of copies there.


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