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Re: Stolen Kayaks--Norwalk/Westport

Is that a picture of the actual vehicle, or a similar vehicle?

: Here are the details on the kayak thefts 2 weeks ago, March 27, in
: the Harbor Road/Saugatuck Island area:

: The kayaks stolen were:

: 1 older yellow Ocean Kayak Malibu double

: 1 older red Perception Carolina sit-in, with no hatches. (A week
: earlier, the storm took away Billy's other red Carolina, the
: same model but with a hatch and thigh braces--he lost 2 kayaks
: in 2 weeks(!))

: Officer Sean Kelly at Westport Police is handling the case.
: 341-6000. He's usually there nights, but a report may be taken
: at any time.

: These guys were apparently putting the kayaks in their dark GMC
: Denali or Chevy Trailblazer, dropping them off nearby, and
: coming back for more. They successfully stole at least 2, one
: from a back yard and one from a dock; they were thwarted in
: their 3rd attempt, at a dock. Cops chased them down Harbor Road
: and onto Old Saugatuck, but lost them on Gregory Blvd. heading
: South from the East Norwalk graveyard. The vehicle had a unique
: parking light configuration. The top two lights are normal, but
: the bottom two on each side are wide. When viewed from the front
: and side, they have a distinctive triangular shape, because they
: narrow as they round the front, onto the fender area. (See
: below). All 4 lights are yellow.

: I'm convinced these guys are local, as they successfully negotiated
: the sharp turn by the boatyard on Harbor Road, even when being
: chased by cops. That tells me they knew that treacherous turn
: well. Any infrequent visitor running from the cops would have
: crashed.

: I hate to tell you this depressing news, but everyone in the area
: should be careful now with their kayaks, and I hope we can catch
: these jerks!

: Here are pics of the closest models to the ones stolen:

: The yellow Ocean Kayak:

: http://www.paddleworks.co.uk/images/malibu%202%20xl.jpg

: The red Perception Carolina:

: http://www.backcountry.com/outdoorgear/PER0025/Perception-Carolina-120-Kayak.html

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