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Stolen Kayaks--Norwalk/Westport *PIC*

Here are the details on the kayak thefts 2 weeks ago, March 27, in the Harbor Road/Saugatuck Island area:

The kayaks stolen were:

1 older yellow Ocean Kayak Malibu double

1 older red Perception Carolina sit-in, with no hatches. (A week earlier, the storm took away Billy's other red Carolina, the same model but with a hatch and thigh braces--he lost 2 kayaks in 2 weeks(!))

Officer Sean Kelly at Westport Police is handling the case. 341-6000. He's usually there nights, but a report may be taken at any time.

These guys were apparently putting the kayaks in their dark GMC Denali or Chevy Trailblazer, dropping them off nearby, and coming back for more. They successfully stole at least 2, one from a back yard and one from a dock; they were thwarted in their 3rd attempt, at a dock. Cops chased them down Harbor Road and onto Old Saugatuck, but lost them on Gregory Blvd. heading South from the East Norwalk graveyard. The vehicle had a unique parking light configuration. The top two lights are normal, but the bottom two on each side are wide. When viewed from the front and side, they have a distinctive triangular shape, because they narrow as they round the front, onto the fender area. (See below). All 4 lights are yellow.

I'm convinced these guys are local, as they successfully negotiated the sharp turn by the boatyard on Harbor Road, even when being chased by cops. That tells me they knew that treacherous turn well. Any infrequent visitor running from the cops would have crashed.

I hate to tell you this depressing news, but everyone in the area should be careful now with their kayaks, and I hope we can catch these jerks!

Here are pics of the closest models to the ones stolen:

The yellow Ocean Kayak:


The red Perception Carolina:


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