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: Nick, it looks great.
: On the forum page I think it would be better if it opened the same
: as it does now with ALL messages sorted by latest first, with
: the ability to choose categories from a dropdown if the user
: wanted to filter the messages. One of the things that makes the
: ConnYak BB great is the way the threads go from one subject to
: another, and I'd hate to lose that conversational feel.

I agree, and this is one of the reasons I have not suggested a change earlier.

The advantage of the new website system is it could help organize the club by creating a means of notifying club members of upcoming events by creating a mailing list. It can also host a more accessible calendar as well as options such as photo galleries, member blogs, etc. And, importantly, it can decrease the load on the administrators.

While the current BBS system can require an email address to use, it does so in a disorganized manner. There is no simple way for the club to push the word out when there is a question that needs member input or an event that needs to be announced.

There are many members who do not read the BBS every day or even every week. When there is an event like the talk in Essex this Friday we are currently dependent on members coming to the BBS and actually reading all the posts. I suspect there are members who would like to see this Friday's presentation who do not know about it and would appreciate receiving a brief email letting them know about it.

It can also be used to create a clearing house of kayaking related events by aggregating RSS feeds http://www.connyak.org/aggregator/categories/1 and by allowing people add their own events to the calendar. This could include a means for commercial groups to add for-pay events.

If we do go through with a Pay-pal system, the new site would easily and cleanly integrate some simple benefits to those who actually pay for membership.

For those interested in learning more about the potential capabilities of the system, it runs under a content management system called "Drupal": http://www.drupal.org/

I think the new system could provide a lot of advantages, but the forum/BBS format is not as conducive to free-ranging conversations as the current BBS system. It would be possible to keep the BBS as it is and implement the new system for the rest of the website, but that would reduce some of the potential benefits.

This is by-no-means a done deal, I would like feed back and discussion

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