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Re: Weather cocking
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I am not an expert but I do have the experience of having built a boat that weathercocked badly because I located the seat too far forward, leaving the stern underemployed...it kept coming around to ask the bow for a job. I moved the seat back a matter of inches and now the boat is very neutral in the wind whether it is moving or not. I don't need a skeg at all now, but if I am carrying stuff, I always try to balance the load. I think some boats are designed to weathercock so that you can use the skeg to neutralize the tendency...

: OK, here's my theory. I think weathercocking happens more when
: paddling forward than when the boat is sitting stationary in the
: water and being blown sideways. When paddling forward the bow
: parts the water, creating a buildup of water on the sides of the
: bow, which hold the bow in place by increasing lateral
: resistance. The stern, however, with the skeg up, is moving
: through relatively flat, turbulent water, which frees it up to
: move laterally downwind. This may be total BS though, but I
: believe it enough to test it by paddling backwards and see if
: the bow falls off downwind. With my Pintail I can correct
: weathercocking by tuning the skeg. If I move the slider as
: little as 1/4" it adjusts the angle of the boat to the
: wind. When I'm paddling that boat I'm constantly adjusting the
: skeg so I don't have to paddle harder on one side or edge the
: boat. With it's slack bilges the Pintail does not edge turn very
: well, unless I'm surfing above hull speed, and then it's very
: responsive to edging.

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