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Re: Sea Kayaking Guiness World Record

And she has proof of her "solo" paddle. Video of the trip taken by the film crew in the safety boat.

: Wait til Freya hears about this.... Jean

: http://www.adventurekayakmag.com/blogs/flotsam-a-jetsam/blogs-expeditions/1020-brit-tv-star-claims-kayaking-world-record.html
: (picture included)

: Brit TV Star Claims Kayaking World Record

: Written by Tim Sunday, 28 February 2010 23:07
: Flotsam & Jetsam Blog - Category: Expeditions

: The sea kayaking Guiness World Record for "longest solo
: journey" has been broken by British TV personality Helen
: Skelton.

: We don't know much about Skelton except that she's a presenter for
: a show called Blue Peter, the press calls her a wag (she's the
: girlfriend of soccer player David Graham), and googling her name
: autoloads the words "cleavage, oops, pics, amazon, XXXX,
: hot, legs, facebook, feet and tights" in that order.

: Skelton set the record by kayaking 1,000 miles (and counting) down
: the Amazon River.

: This particular record is infamous for having been awarded to
: Daniel Bloor in 2006, a 24-year-old student from Manchester who
: paddled and pub-hopped 526 kilometres of canals from Cumbria to
: London (as reported in Adventure Kayak Spring 2007).

: One BBC article did give nod to the fact that some sea kayakers
: "have claimed to kayak further in the past" (um, yeah,
: like across the ATLANTIC and AROUND AUSTRALIA for starters) but
: said, "Helen will become the official Guinness World Record
: Holder."

: After investigating the Bloor incident in '07, we figured out the
: loophole. None of the longer expeditions have bothered to
: contact Guinness and submit the necessary proof. Hard-core
: Skelton is at least deserving of the recognition. She is
: paddling the whole Amazon River, and previously became the
: second woman ever to complete the 78-mile Namibia Ultramarathon.

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