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Re: Drysuit repair?


There's a dive shop in Essex - in a little mini-mall right at Rt. 9 -exit 3 that does gasket repairs. A local resident could give you the best directions, but I find the shop by driving south on Rt. 9 to exit 3, taking a right at the end of the ramp and taking another right into the mini-mall.

ALSO, there is info on the website about how to do the repair yourself, AND someone has a form that makes the repair easier. Oliver's suggestions for a BBS search will help you find instructions, too.

Sally "Massachusetts" Peters

: You're sure to get a bunch of replies, Scott, but in the spirit of
: the olympics, let me try for a second "cool beans"
: medal.
: If you type appropriate search terms into the box labeled
: "Forumsearch" on the upper right of the page, then
: click the blue arrow, you'll find previous threads. You have to
: fish around a little (an admirable pastime for a kayaker).
: "Drysuit repair" yielded only your post in this
: thread, but "gasket repair" churned up a thread from
: last summer with some tips and contacts, including a Madison
: shop recommended by the club's inveterate (not to be confused
: with invertebrate) reviewer, Rusty. :)

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