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Re: '09 Faves
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: I'd like to do the usual Sept. circumnavigation, but on a day with
: a later ferry, plus I thought a circumcision paddle where we cut
: through the Great Salt Pond and just explore the southern
: portion of the island would be a lot of fun, maybe in the middle
: of the summer if the ferry won't be an issue (might have to
: reserve a spot). Any interest?

Count me in!!! This is my year to venture out more and Block is at
the top of my list! This way, Eric - the "halfway-round" trip will indicate
if I am up to snuff for the full trip!

As to my favorite paddle - it is always THE NEXT ONE. But surely enjoyed
that late summer paddle and play at the Zipper! That was a blast and can't
remember actually laughing out loud while paddling in the past! (especially when
getting battered by waves)

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