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Re: '09 Faves

I really enjoyed an early August launch at Great Island. As I recall it was an afternoon launch which is a bit unusual for us. I beleive it was appreciated though as we had about 25 paddlers. A nice spin around Great Island and then out to the zipper for some fun in small confused chop. Low tide left some exposed bar out there so a number of us beached and went swimming. A fun day. The most challenging was definately the Halloween Outer island jaunt! Looking forward to the next day out on the sound (maybe next weekend????).

: There's snow on the ground, but we're three fourths of the way from
: solstice to equinox and that sun sure feels warm. Paddling
: season can't be too far off.

: So what was everyone's favorite club paddle last year, official or
: pick-up?
: Mine was probably November 14, a Four Mile River launch to play in
: some moderate surf (and a refreshing combat roll to close out
: the day).
: Then again, there was that Halloween paddle from Stony Creek around
: the Thimbles (and some chaotic six footers on the far side of
: Outer Island), or maybe that July 5th paddle from Clinton across
: the reef to the far side of Hammonnassett Beach (where, after
: lunch, Joy reminded me how to do a re-entry and roll).
: It's all good....what were your faves?

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