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Water, Wings and Fire - Event March 20th!!!

Hello All,

I wanted to send you an update about our March 20th Paddle Smart Event. This event is beginning to shape up very nicely.

We are coordinating a family orientated Paddle Smart day entitled “Water, Wings & Fire”. We chose this name to attract the attention of the public and because of the nature of its participants. “Water” represents the padding aspect, “Wings” represents the New England Air Museum (located next door) and will be providing a door prize and lastly “Fire”, this represents the Connecticut Fire Academy where the event will take place. They will also have interactive displays for people to enjoy.

At this time there are 10 paddling related vendors and one marine retailer from two states committed to attending. They will be offering public lectures, pool demonstrations and products for sale. The Boating Division is encouraging the public to get wet by participating in the pool demonstrations.

Due to budget constraints, we are not in a position to promote this important event the way we would like. That is why I am starting a grass roots marketing campaign. Attached is an electronic copy of our promotional poster. Please help us by e-mailing this to anyone (family, friends, merchants, manufacturers, employees…) that can help us spread the word about this event. I would like to get a sense of who we are reaching and would appreciate it if you inform me who you are sending it to.

If you know of anyone who would like to participate or can market the event, please have them contact me.

I also wanted to confirm if you will be able to attend.

I hope to hear from you soon


Mark Chanski (860) 447-4371

DEP Boating Division

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