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Re: kevlar

I actually did perform a repair once with a piece of Kevlar. It was tough to cut. A razor blade would cut fine for about 6 to 10 inches and then it would be ruined and wouldn't cut any more. For a small repair using ten razor blades isn't so bad but it would get silly fast on a large job. Those special carbide scissors are sounding pretty good. I also noted that someone suggested a way to deal with fuzzing on repairs.

The one thing I wouldn't do it combine Kevlar with carbon fiber. I don't trust carbon fiber not to break when the going gets rough.

I would consider tackling a Kevlar modification if I needed another kayak. Fortunately for me I'm well stocked up at the moment. (Whew! Got out of that!)

: Thread on working kevlar at the link below. Seems the cons include difficulty
: cutting and sanding, but it seems to respond well to a carbide scraper.
: Go for it, Pete.......we wanna see!

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