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Re: Swift Water Rescue Class Oct 10/11

For any Whitewater crossover folks, this is a great section of paddling. Its an easy class 2 run with 2 class 3ish sections and the dam which maybe a class3+. (You can take out before the dam though). At the beach, where i am guessing the class may be, there is a great surfing spot, assuming river height is 1.9 and up. Under 1.9 it tends to get a bit sticky. You should have a good roll if you plan on surfing at the play spot.

This area should make for a great SWR class. If anyone is WW kayaking, you should have or plan on taking this sort of training. Also, i should note, you donnot need to be a WW kayaker to benefit from this training. Most excersises are 'out of boat' based and kayaing is usually not involved in level 4 SWR.

If folks plan on kayaking after the training, send me an email

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Swift Water Rescue Class Oct 10/11
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