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Re: Notice, Slide Show Lecture Open to All.

A trip round Britain in 80 days and a jump in to the unknown�. The ambitious story of how three paddlers got together paddled round the uk and still remain good friends. (Phill Cleg, Harry Whelan, and Barry Shaw)

This show will be in Stonington Borough Saturday Evening. Will post time and final location shorty.

Greg P

: Hello Connyaker's,

: We have scheduled A Rough Water Training Camp, running out of Stonington
: Borough October 16,17,and 18th. Our visting coaches this year are as seen
: in This Is The Sea 2. Phil Clegg and Hary Whelan. Harry and Phil are a
: real ball of fire in the rough stuff, and are some of the best tide race
: paddlers in the UK.

: We are also planning a slide show of UK waters, that we hopfully will be
: running in Stonginton on the evening of October 17th. More to come on
: this.

: Please see the attached link for course info and sign up information.
: http://www.kayakwaveology.com/RW2009.html

: We hope to see some you at this event that have been working hard on your
: paddling skills.

: Cheers
: Greg P
: www.kayakwaveology.com

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