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For those of you contemplating the Block Island trip this weekend, I thought I'd pass along some information that might be helpful. You and your boat need to be on the 9 am. ferry out of Point Judith R.I. You don't need to make reservations, but if you have a boat to bring, they want you there 30-45 minutes early. Fees: person round trip = $19.45, kayak round trip = $21, parking across the street = about $10. That's $50.45 total if I did the math right. Yes, you have to get up early and part with a few bucks, but this trip really is a cut above the usual L.I. Sound fare. By far the best way to get your boat on and off the ferry is on one of those little kayak cart things. Cart = EASY, No Cart = NOT EASY (see Pete's post below). There are lockers (cheap, but not free) on the island where you can store any extra crap you don't want to paddle with. It's about 18 miles around or so. We will stop once for lunch and once to stretch if conditions allow. Depending on conditions, this can be an intermediate or advanced paddle, check the Block Island Sound marine forecast before heading out. Two years ago, we paddled out of Old Harbor into a mill pond with a gentle swell. Last year we paddled right into 6-7 footers, but the opposite side of the island was nearly flat. You should expect some decent sized waves somewhere along the way in any case. That being said, this paddle isn't intended to be an elite-only outing. If it's an average day, most regular ConnYak paddlers shouldn't have too much trouble with this one. The last ferry back is at 5 pm. which won't be a problem if we're not crazy slow. Dinner on the mainland for those who are so inclined.

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Block Island Info *LINK* *Pic* *LINK* *PIC*
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