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Re: Picnic Photos

: Here's my little bunch of pictures. Another great picnic. A special thanks to
: Dave Niles for hassling with the boat scale, it's always enlightening to
: find out how much weight we actually lug around every season.

Eric, Thanks for the complement. Phil greatly helped me in setting it up-thanks, Phil. This year I wanted to weigh four of my kayaks so there was also a personal motivation for setting up the scale.

I had some trouble maintaining the balance adjustment on the scale-think the white backing board was moving a bit-had to slightly move the counter weight a number of times. While most kayak weights seemed to be correct, a few seemed to be out of line with expectations. Next time I do this I will have to come up with a better way to secure the backing board-when adjusted, the scale should hold its setting.

Still, it was fun weighing so many kayaks.


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