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Mayor's Cup - Disabled Athletes - Boats / Partners

Hi Connyakers,

I am a member of Sound Kayakers in CT. This year I am competing in the Mayor's Cup, partnering with the Achilles Intl Group who have hooked me up with a disabled athlete - Sgt Mike Blair (USMC). We are going to be paddling a tandem in the Challenger Division against a team from Holland.

The reason I am letting you know is 2 fold:

1) I am looking for a boat to use. The race will provide a rental if we want one but these are low spec plastic models that are not going to get us on the podium. What I am looking for is something like a Seda Tango (fg 22' - solid boat). I have one in my garage right now - it belongs to a friend but he is using it in the Mayor's Cup himself.

So my question to the BB is anyone out there in who has a boat of this class who might be willing to lend it for this worthy cause? I promise to take great care of any equipment!

2) Achilles is looking for more paddlers who can accommpany disabled athletes in the race. I am sure you are aware it is a 29 mile doozy of a lap around Manhattan so it is not to be taken lightly. There are 8 folks signed up already and they are looking for another 7! If you want to do it Achilles will cover the entry fee ($125) and do all they can to make it happen.

If anyone can help with either of the above, please let me know.


Gary Williams

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