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So, you have consumed the prodigious amount of beer purchased and are in the process of recycling it. The carnivores have eaten their half raw steak, abused burgers, burnt the dogs and looked lobsters in the eye before pulling their tail off. Who cares about labor anymore in the Corporate States of America. This minor holiday is over!--------- It's time to focus on the ConnYak Picnic!

Are you staying up nights wondering if the weight of Dennis and Joy's two new kayaks combined exceeds the weight of the infamous Captain America kayak? The specs of their kayaks would indicate that the sum is a little bit greater, BUT, they have removed the stock seats and substituted foam seats. Is "win at any cost" coming to the ConnYak weigh in? Since Dennis and Joy would be weighing two kayaks, I think it would be fair to have the Captain America weighed with a paddle included.

There is a rumor that after repairing his Outer Island, Pete installed a lead keel strip on the black boat to win back it's former status as the heaviest ConnYak kayak. Could this be true? Or is he still sulking from being out weighed last time and planning to leave the black boat home?

Is there a NKD kayak that weighs what it is alluded to weigh in by NKD specs? Has there ever been one?

What is the weight of that new kayak from Current Designs that we have been hearing about?

What is the weight of the Mayor's plastic kayak? Does it weigh less than a green Romany Elite? Green Explorer?

Come to the picnic! Good food, good company, rolling practice and find out the answer to these weighty questions.


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