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Plum Island Off the Auction Block

Conservationists have won the more than decade-long fight to stop the federal government’s sale of Plum Island, the Long Island Sound home of a government research facility 10 miles from Connecticut shores that, through years of security and isolation,has also become a pristine wildlife haven for the birds, seals, fish and other wildlife that frequent it. The measure ending the controversial plan to sell the island to the highest bidder was led by Connecticut and New York Congressional Delegates and was among the many items stuffed into the massive omnibus spending bill, signed at the end of December. Many decisions remain on the future use of the island; hopefully it will pass to the State of NY, where local officials are on board with plans to preserve its ecosystems.

More information: https://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-news-plum-island-conservation-bill-20201222-mvxnv2cod5etbjhpl4bkt7p3ty-story.html

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