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Car door wax stick is the best product. Keeping the threads clean is good. I wipe the threads clean but have never washed it which would tend to remove the wax. Drysuit zipper wax should work as well. When it gets a bit difficult it is time to wipe and wax.

: Thanks to all who responded, several via direct e-mail.

: It took a combination of several suggestions, and a bit of
: understanding of physics (or geometry) to get it taken apart.

: I've had the "collar tool" all along but didn't realize
: that's what it's for! Thank goodness I'm a hoarder, and didn't
: throw it away after all these years (?10y) since I bought the
: paddle. (it didn't come with instruction, which I think it would
: have been useful, as the "tool" needs to be used on
: the fattest part of the collar. Not to mention I couldn't figure
: out why this "thing" came with the paddle to begin
: with)

: Still, it took some soaking before the "tool" finally
: worked!

: I will try putting some lubricants to the thread. Will see if it
: prevents repeat of the same.

: I'm slightly baffled why only just the carbon shaft had the
: problem, repeatedly. The other one (fiberglass) never had any
: issue of getting stuck. I wash BOTH of them after every
: paddle...

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Thanks to ALL!
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