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Re: Epic 2-piece paddle — stuck collar

Very rarely these paddles have been known to freeze solid. Shoot the collar with penetrating oil such as PB Blaster or even WD40 or a little penetrating oi and give it a bit of time. Large robo grips with jaw pads should work just fine. Next you will want to thoroughly clean the threads on both sides and maybe a little alcohol. What I use on mine is plumbers silicone grease and/or old fashioned car door latch wax. Dirt will stick if it gets a chance. I wipe my open threads with my hand before and after. Epic sells a simple collar tool that helps slightly stuck paddles at the takeout. The paddle has reminded you maintenance is due.

: I’ve been a fan of Epic paddles. Both of my main and spare are
: Epic 2-piece, one fiberglass and one carbon. I used them with
: similar frequency. But lately, I’ve been having great
: difficulty with one of them getting stuck together that I
: couldn’t take them apart after paddle.

: The fiberglass one never gave me any issues. But the carbon 2-piece
: had occasionally had difficulty to stay solidly locked in and
: ALWAYS difficult to take apart. And lately, it’s getting more
: and more difficult... until today it won’t come apart after
: paddling!

: In the progression of the difficulty, I went from asking guys with
: big hands to grip the collar while I twist the blade to take it
: apart, to asking TWO guys to help: one grab the collar, the 2nd
: one turn the blade! But last time about a month ago, TWO guys
: couldn’t take it apart!

: I was resigned to use it as a one piece paddle, until I came upon
: the idea to use a plier to grab the collar and then turn the
: blade. That got it undone easily by myself. After that incident,
: I cleaned the threads of the collar and the shaft. Since then, I
: took care not to tighten the collar too tightly, and making sure
: they’re clean (no sands/debris) before tightening them up.

: But today, it froze again. So I need to find a better solution...

: This only happens when I paddle in salt water. I’ve never had any
: trouble getting it undone when paddling in lakes.

: I wonder if there’re other Epic paddle owners who have had
: similar experience and how they resolve it?

: I need suggestions on:

: 1) how to take it apart one more time (even the plier trick no
: longer work this time)

: 2) how to prevent it from getting stuck again.

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