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: Please finish up your final thoughts on the articles you're working
: on and get them to me. At the meeting, a concern about getting
: the newsletter out was brought up.
: I'll make sure I have plenty of hard drive space allocated.

: thanks,

: Don't forget - you can write about anything kayak related like:

: Why I hate neck seals
: Paddling a strange boat in 50 mph gusts in surf
: My cheater GP
: Paddling down a WW river in a plastic sea kayak.
: How I take kayak pictures
: Launching legally in Norwalk
: Cross training for paddling
: The ideal Back band
: Best Pizza joint in Chester

: etc.

: These don't have to be huge authoritative essays but some thoughts
: you would like to share.

: Learning at the lake

hello jay:

it’s been awhile. i’ve had health problems making
boating difficult: i’m to be 79 in near future.
i have to say the talks on greenland and
traditional kayaking there have been some of the best days
of my life! you guys are great!
i wonder if i could get some advice on
selling my tahe marine 18 footer in mint
condition and my stellar surf-ski 18 footer in very good
condition. both craft are in the great barrington
MA area. best regards sandy noyes

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