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Sit on top kayak for sea kayaking

Hi guys, how are you doing?
I'm a new Brazilian kayker and I'm purchasing my first kayak. Im intending to use it for sea kayaking, and I'm with some doubts about it. I would appreciate a lot if some of you could help me!
First of all, I saw some "sit on top" kayaks with a really low price comparing with the "sit in" kayaks. why is that? Are them worse than the sit in?
I saw that the sit in can be much more comfortable for cold weathers and cold water, but as it's not the case of our beaches here (is the opposite, I feel hot on "sit in" kayaks) maybe this is not so crucial for me. Besides that, it cannot sink, it's much easier to get back on the kayak on deep water and it's not necessary to learn how to roll or other sit in skills (despite having done some classes, I don't feel safe for doing it in the sea for now).
My other main doubt is about polyethylene versus fibers. The guy from a store here said me that the main difference of it would be the weight, being a little bit more difficult to load the kayak. Is it "just" that? Or there is some loss on durability/resistance?
This is the one that I'm most interested for now: https://www.caiaker.com/produtos/caiaques/caiaque-tubarao
Unfortunately there is not a webpage in English for it.
Thank you all in advance!!!

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