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Coastal access in Maine, and especially with safe long term parking always seems to be an issue. Paddling the Maine Island Trail for a week, leaving my car in a public launch near Yarmouth (Cousins Island), I returned to find all four tires slashed. Real pain trying to get a tow truck and buy tires late Sunday afternoon in Maine. This was only one trip and several other trips have been good, but this does leave a bitter taste and makes one appreciative places like Old Quarry.

A court case several years ago in Maine affirmed coastal access for "fishing, fowling and navigation" below the storm high tide line, but you do need to get there. For a state that calls itself "Vacationland", there are not that many public campgrounds or coastal access areas. Thankfully private owners of the Maine Island Trail areas do graciously permit access and often camping, but as this shows, without public (town or state) or land trust ownership, such access is vulnerable. We are very fortunate in CT that there are so many public boat launches, parks and trails available to us. We need to protect and care for these.

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