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Re: Details, timing & reason for changes

I may be misinterpreting some of what I am reading in the announcement and related links, but here arte a few things that caught my attention.

The announcement of the change suggests that the ENCs will make use of better data on depth, etc. and so will not suffer from some of the compromises inherent in configuring data for paper charts and RNCs.

The call for comments refers to NOAA's plans to allow users to emulate the print and raster charts we use now:
"NOAA is taking steps to provide a NOAA Custom Chart web-based application that will enable users to download and print raster chart backup files created from the most up-to-date ENC data. The NOAA Custom Chart prototype is available from https://devgis.charttools.noaa.gov/​pod. These chart backup files will look somewhat different than traditional paper nautical charts, but will provide a similar functionality."

That may be enough for our purposes. I suspect that the private sector will revise existing or develop new software that will enhance what NOAA plans provide in the new program.

: The issue for small boaters like us is that ENC’s do not have
: enough shoreline and depth detail to be as useful as paper or
: digitized RNC’s. For larger craft, they’re perfectly fine.
: I’d say 90% of the time, I use digitized RNC’s that I print
: specific areas for off my computer. Look just like traditional
: paper charts, and you can print your own.

: I’ve downloaded all the RNC’s that I think I’d ever use, and
: have navigational software to view and plot courses on. The only
: thing a paddler would really have to do with older paper charts,
: and digitized ones, to keep them useful is to check the change
: in magnetic declination since the chart was drawn, and apply it
: to the bearings listed on the chart. That’s if you’re using
: a compass. The link to find that is:
: https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/calculators/magcalc.shtml#declination

: I’m sure if that page becomes no longer available, there are
: other sites that you can get the info from. And many paper
: charts (And digitized versions) are already old enough that
: you’d do well to find out, and apply the change if you’re
: doing a long crossing, or paddling in a large group of islands.

: So I’d say if they are important to you, get the paper and
: digital RNC’s while they are still available. Digital ones are
: free to download from NOAA. I don’t like the idea of
: discontinuing the RNC’s, but it appears to be the future.

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