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Re: Practical Sailor updates handheld VHF reviews

Not a fan of Standard Horizons at this point
I have two HX851 radios and both are unusable if it gets wet. The microphone is muted as well as the speaker. Sent one back to get fixed sense it also had very low modulation, but since I was going on a trip, I bought a second one, assuming it would get fixed. It still didn't work well. The second one works well while dry but useless when it gets wet. Also terminals were corroding badly. I had called them with my displeasure about the radio and the uselessness when wet, and I got the reply that us kayakers are too rough on our radios. How about a boater that gets in the drink and gets a useless radio. Bummer for them. My first radio from them worked well but started to have corrosion problems around the complex ORing and started to leak. I really liked the idea of the GPS positioning signal sent out to the Coast Guard which is why I bought the radio in the first place. Perhaps other models work better but I would suggest avoiding this model at least

I bought an ICOM radio M25. No knobs or external contacts to corrode. The Quake feature seems to work well but haven't seen that is gets plugged when I roll so far.
I am really sensitized about the external knobs and contacts at this point.

The first Standard Horizons radio had a volume knob and it froze up and I couldn't rotate it. I always soaked my radio in fresh water after kayaking and worked the knob but it just got worse over time.

Perhaps this will start a discussion about what others find good and bad about this very important piece of safety equipment.
Bill H

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