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I can't believe they (incl Fed) have the right to do that. There will be a lot of angry people this spring/summer who looked forward to anchorage along that area to relax and use their boating registration and town tax. I can only assume there will be some serious protest over that one and I hope so. Since when does a town own the bay? All waters are open if they do not block channels or boat traffic. This "federal" stamp of approval is probably an environmental group looking to safe guard birds on the sandy island and really has no authority to stop people from anchoring. I hope some angry boater from RI steps up to the plate and starts a movement over that one. I'm sure there's or a lot of CT boaters that will join in on that. I remember many year back RI wanted to charge a fee to land on the island. Since that fizzled out, I'm sure this is the distorted 2nd attempt over control. Outer Island in Branford is victim to a similar control by Federal environmental agency. No control, no power, no job, no pension.

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