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From the town of Westerly, RI, and the Feds (posted at Napatree): "No vessel of any description shall be anchored, moored, or beached in the area of Little Narragansett Bay also known as the Lagoon of Napatree Point."
Makes for an unhappy development for kayakers playing the "Wading Pool" and needing a beach break for relief or lunch. And, by the way it is written, since Sand Point is within Little Narragansett Bay, bye bye to all the boats anchored close by the beaches in the summer, not to mention pulling up in a kayak. To visit Sand Point, you will have to swim there? Ice cream break in Watch Hill? Not so fast. If it had occurred to them, would there have been restriction on boats pulling up on the ocean side? Maybe next year.
"We are government, and we are here to help you."

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