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: What's the best option for replacing a Valley (Nordkapp) seat? I
: don't mind the factory seat from a comfort point of view but the
: way it is hanging from the underside of the deck does not
: promote a long (seat) life. It looks impossible to support it
: properly from the bottom while having it bolted to the deck. An
: option would be to attach the original seat to the hull and
: leave space to the deck. Has this been tried? (I like the seat
: attached to the coming as seen on my slightly older Aquanaut
: better.)

: The other apparently more common option is to replace it with a
: foam seat attached directly to the hull. If so would it be
: necessary to purchase a Nordkapp specific seat or would it be
: possible to spend less and get a more generic seat from CLC or
: perhaps other outlets? I don't mind spending more as long as
: there is more value. While a low CG inducing foam seat may be
: great for stability, should one be concerned with the lower
: seating position with respect to hip-snaps or even when
: providing a little "tilt" for general paddling? A foam
: seat would also necessitate a separately attached back-band. I
: would greatly appreciate advice here as well.
Peter, 1st thing with valley seats is to cut them out. On a Pintail I once owned ,I cut the seat then dropped it 1" to rest on the hull. I needed to add fiberglass 3 inch"ears" to the seat to reconnect to the cut "hangers" .using small stainless bolts. This great improved the stability-lower center of gravity. This assumes you have experience with fiberglass . Other wise install a pre carved foam seat from Joe Greenly REDFISH KAYAKS. look under "foam" on his web site $55 plus shipping .He also offers a deluxe seat for $125 -too comfortable.

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