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Club Meeting, Wed., 3/21 (RESCHEDULED to 3/27)

Our next monthly meeting will take place on the first full day of spring, Wednesday, March 21st, 6:30 PM at Wallingford Parks & Rec. (6 Fairfield Blvd.)

Erik will be proposing a calendar of weekly club paddles from April through June (with paddles for the remainder of the season to be added in June). We will fine tune the calendar at the meeting and publish it soon afterwards.

Connyak needs volunteers to host (or coordinate) one or more of the paddles -- this can be done solo or with one or more friends. I think most would agree that the success of the club depends on our volunteers, and this is a way for more of our members to become involved, hosting one of the well laid out paddles proposed by Erik, or sharing a favorite of their own.

With the help of local coaches Caroline, Greg and Ron, we plan to offer a pre/early-season instructional event that will cover the basics of planning and coordinating a day paddle, namely elements of route planning (basic navigation, tides and weather, etc.), group management (communications, setting a pace, assigning a sweep, problem solving) and safety (rescues, towing, etc.). The event will be designed to build confidence in new trip coordinators and offer a solid refresher for those who have posted paddles before. At the meeting we will agree the details of the program and choose some days (and places) to hold it.

Lastly, we have been working to sponsor a series of group instructional events covering different paddling skills, things like boat handling and stroke improvement, self and assisted rescues, paddling in moving and rough water, and so forth. The details will be worked out over the next two months.

Please join us at the meeting if you would like to contribute to planning what promises to be a great season on the water.

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Club Meeting, Wed., 3/21 (RESCHEDULED to 3/27)
To be rescheduled in view of approaching storm

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