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One more pool session this year - Sunday, March 18

This is the last scheduled Connyak pool session this year, open to sea kayakers (Connyak members and non-members alike) on Sunday from 9 until noon. Many thanks to longtime member Rusty for making the arrangements this season.

There is an entrance fee of $13 cash preferred, or check, payable to Town of Cheshire at the door. (Senior citizen rate $9)

The Cheshire Town Pool is an excellent facility develop and practice skills and rescues, with plenty of parking, easy access to the pool, shower facilities to change into kayaking gear and lifeguards on duty. We thank the Town of Cheshire for making it available to the kayaking public. Please note that the pool is a public facility and we will be sharing it with Cheshire residents. As a courtesy, be sure your kayak is clean.

A section of shallow water will be available for teaching purposes and deeper water for practice. While formal instruction is not provided, if you have been to a Connyak pool session before, you know us to be a helpful and fun-loving group -- you can always find someone willing to spot you on a roll or help you work on a rescue skill.

If you have some free time after the pool session, there is sure to be a "de-briefing" which is Connyak parlance for a visit to a local establishment to unwind and enjoy the company of friends, old and new alike.

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One more pool session this year - Sunday, March 18
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