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Re: Filling hull scratches
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: I have fiber glass kayaks that need cosmetic repair of hull, not
: deck, scratches. While not having anything to do with
: functionality I would like to make the scratches "go
: away". Superficial ones can no doubt be eliminated with
: some rubbing compound but there are a few that should be filled.
: Fortunately the kayaks all have a white hull facilitating color
: matching. Is there a product and process that you, fellow
: kayakers, can recommend?
Go really easy with sandpaper unless you want to remove all of your gel coat. It is far better to spend a bit more time with a finer grit than to start heavy and then have to work up to fine, in order to remove the scratches from the heavier paper. You could go as heavy as 600 or so if you have very deep scratches. I would start out by buffing with compound and see if you can achieve the desired result before you even touch the hull with any sandpaper. I get my polishing products from the auto parts store. You will need a couple of different products to bring the shine back to new. Most parts guys are pretty good at recommending what you will need in any product line. I use 3M products and a cheap, variable speed, rotatory buffer with a soft start so it doesn't sling off all the compound you apply to the pad when you first start it. The results can be pretty amazing, even on faded colors. https://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=4067
If your boat is more than a few years old, then doing the deck will also make it look new again. You need to take off all the rigging so you don't hook it while polishing. Go easy on any hard edges as you can also buff right through the gel coat. After you are done polishing, give the deck a couple of coats of good marine wax and it will look great for years.

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