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Re: Maybe it's just my imagination...

: Depending on salinity, salt water freezes at about 28.4 degrees F.

: The Hudson is frozen over apart from the shipping channel that
: cutters keep open.

: It gets this cold from time to time, and people used to ride across
: the Hudson in horse drawn sleighs or automobiles in days before
: the channel was kept open:
: https://hudsonvalleyone.com/2016/02/11/iced-over-crossing-the-hudson-in-winter-before-the-bridges-were-built/
: I know someone whose grandmother skated across from Tarrytown in
: days gone by.

: They're breaking out the ice boats up the river:
: http://www.hriyc.org/current.html .

Selden Brewer was a successful tobacco grower in East Hartford, who built his impressive house between 1827 and 1833. A tradition about the house states that Selden’s father, Samuel Brewer, transported the bricks used in the house‘s construction from Wethersfield over the frozen Connecticut River in 1827.

Some of you might know Tony M. of Ricka. Check out his New Year's Eve Day video of his paddle encountering ice in Wickford.

I watched the ice yachts on Bantam Lake years ago. I had no idea at the time that it was an international sport!

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